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Oxford Psychometrics Joins the North Oxford based Community Health Hub on Tuesday Afternoons - offering affordable services to the community. Find out more here 

Affordable Community Services

Support for local Youth Club

Oxford Psychometrics supprts the start up of a Youth Club in the South Oxfordshire village of Stadhampton. 

D'Overbroecks Careers Event was on Wednesday 18th June. Dr Disanayake spoke to parents and students about the field of Psychology and held a well-attended workshop on 'How to tell your story', where students got practical experience of developing a Career Narrative that will help in planning their careers,  writing personal statements and in networking to further their dreams and aspirations in the years to come. read more here 

OXFORDSHIRE’S top working mothers went in front of the camera this week as they took a step closer to being crowned Business Mother of the Year.


Read article here 

Oxford Psychometrics -

Working mothers in the frame for business prize

Presentation by Dr.Dissanayake - The Teenage Brain - still under construction...

Understanding Teenagers -  Womens' Institute talk -Oxfordshire wide


"A great presentation, just left me wanting to know more and read more. You were very calm about teenagers and showed by example how to deal with them. You were obviously on their side and we're trying to bring carers on board. Interestingly I told my son about it when I got home and he just reinforced that he hadn't 'got' to the rational thinking bit yet. He and his closest friend think we should behave more instinctively and gets frustrated with adults that have lost their sense of fun and inhibition. I can see his point but maybe not always the best approach!"  

Kate, Oxford


"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation which was in a very easy to understand format.several members I have spoken to since felt it was pitched at exactly the correct level for them.  I was left wanting to know more.  I also felt every parent should be made much more aware of the brain development of their teenagers - just maybe it would give more understanding of the stroppy teenager?" 

Edwina, Stadhampton WI, Oxford.

Psychologist’s role is just the job for young people by Gill Oliver


She may be a talent spotter, but Dr Chintha Dissanayake has nothing in common with Simon Cowell.The founder of Oxford Psychometrics needs no glitzy X Factor-style smoke and mirrors when helping youngsters on to the right career path. (2014)  read more

Finding Your True Career Identity
The task of guiding our children proficiently through the school years is challenging at best, but helping them navigate the maze of options that will eventually lead them confidently towards successful careers can be particularly daunting. Yet, that is exactly what is required of us when our offspring make curriculum choices followed by university selections that govern their future educational and career paths.  read more


'The title of Chartered Psychologist is legally recognised under Royal Charter.  

It is the benchmark of professional recognition and reflects the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise'

Professional Recognition & Accreditations
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