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Christina from Antwerp.

Parents of Alex, 2015

“Our son Alex seemed to sail through his school work and we all expected that the right Career choice for his further education would come automatically. But it soon became apparent that Alex did not have the ‘right tools’ to find this out for himself.

The Career Launchpad programme, by taking the time to explore his values, talents and interests helped Alex discover the missing  ‘building blocks’ from a more personal and essential perspective. The programme was central in helping Alex discover his career direction and higher educational programme!”.

J.Shah - October 2014 - Antwerp, Belgium

Working with you Chintha has not only been very helpful, but also quite an amazing experience. I was guided through every step of this process (of developing a Personal Statement) and  I have learnt many skills over the past two months. All your advice and guidance is highly apreciated. Thank you once again!


Parent - Sept 2014 - thank you for your kindness and for the love of what you are doing

I must say i felt overwhelmed with joy for Isha that she is actually following her dream course.Thanks to the  Career-launchpad;  but most of all  to you as her mentor who stood by her through all her difficulties, teaching and motivating her to reach for her dreams in a realistic  way.You are such an inspirational woman thats helps  others, privileged and unprivileged, to accomplished what they wish for themselves, excellent job.May the good God continue to bless all your undertakings; the world needs people like you to help in orienting young people and generations to come.I, as a parent who's child you have helped so much  will recommend the career-launchpad to any parent whose child needs  good guidance, irrespective of their background. Once again i thank you profusely for your kindness and for the  love of what you are doing.Best regards,  Rugi Mans

Sept 2014 - Belgium

My name is A. Geudens.

I can't express in words what Chintha has done for me. She was the first person, after a search of more than forty years for someone helping to understand my problems.  The first person to really listen to me was Chintha. She acknowledged my problem and that created an opening in my heart area (can't find other words). She pulled me out of the neutral zone I was living in. She put me back into reality.... I changed my impressions and found a treasure of abilties. I have followed the good advice and that created a boost of energy.  I'm going to learn more about myself and I'll help others in the future. I am so greatful!!!!

So I say, Chintha is simply the best!!!!!!

July 2014 - Verena from Oxford

We contacted Oxford Psychometrics to see how they could help my partner's son, who had chosen an unsuitable college course, dropped out, and was unsure of what to do next. We wanted sessions that would build his confidence, clarify his existing skill sets, and help him improve his CV while looking at future options. The consultant achieved all this and more within a short space of time, 'getting through' to an introverted and skeptical teenager. We have been very pleased with the results and feel it was definitely worth the investment, as Oxford Psychometrics go above and beyond for the client. 

July 2014 - Julius - Belgium

As the final years of secondary school dawned upon me, the dilemma of who and what I wanted to become presented itself to me. Conflicted with my indecision, I attended Career Launchpad which catalysed my self-development. Through constructive and rapid feedback group sessions as well as 1-on-1 mentor meetings I was able to hone my focus and realise my goals. Currently I am clarified in my decision and additional support makes this programme a valuable experience to me whenever. I recommend this programme to anyone who is unsure of their future or requires motivation.

Jule 2014 - Maya - Oxford

I recently attended the presentation given at the Swan Building, Oxford about a week ago with some of my school mates, for an event that was put on by d'Overbroecks School, a 'Careers Evening'. The mini workshop given by Oxford Psychometrics on the topic of 'How to Tell Your Story' was highly informative and helpful to myself and my peers. What made this particular presentation so unique was that you had extensive knowledge of exactly how to present yourself to an employer, due to your previous affiliation with major companies and their selection board for employees. This gave us an inside view of exactly what our potential employers were looking for in an application/interview. However, you didn't just give us a staple template to follow, but instead showed us how to develop and expand on our own unique stories. -Year 9 Student of d'Overbroecks, Leckford Place

July 2014 - Christina - Antwerp

As the final years are coming up.. I began to think what I wanted to do after school. Then started with the Career-Launchpad! The first time when a friend told me about it I was very curious to hear more!! The Guidance is very interesting and always very exciting. It is very helpful for me because otherwise I wouldn't know what to do later. I'm definitely telling my friends about Oxford Psychometrics because it helped me already very much! I find you are a very sweet and a loving person who enjoys what he's doing! Helping people to find their Career!

Teacher & Parent - Kate - Oxford

"A great presentation, just left me wanting to know more and read more. You were very calm about teenagers and showed by example how to deal with them. You were obviously on their side and we're trying to bring carers on board. Interestingly I told my son about it when I got home and he just reinforced that he hadn't 'got' to the rational thinking bit yet. He and his closest friend think we should behave more instinctively and gets frustrated with adults that have lost their sense of fun and inhibition. I can see his point but maybe not always the best approach!" Kate Byrne


Presentation - The Teenage Brain - Understanding Teenagers - Womens' Institute talk -Oxfordshire wide

Oxford University Student - 2014

Thank you so much for all your help during the exam period. .....I am so glad that I met you! 

Parent of Oxford University Student - May 2014

Thank you for all the help you provided our daughter during the last few months.
 She now has finished all her exams and is confident she performed well. The help you provided to help control her stress was very was beneficial.

Student - Julius - Age 16

"I find myself thinking more consciously about what I want to do. Defining the things that I am interested in and exploring possibilities in the future."

Student - Ethan - Age 17

I did the Oxford Psychometrics program for one year with Chintha. It gave me insight on my skills- both positive and negative. It helped me figure out how I want to approach my future.

The main thing the program helped me with was reassure me that I have the ability to achieve my goals and dreams, and the field I want to study (engineering) is definitely the right choice for me.

I would recommend this program to any student- no matter how fully developed they are. The program will help them develop and find out what they really want.


"Chintha, it has been really nice working with you and we have been very impressed by your expertise and kindness in helping our son"


"I have noticed substantial lift in motivation and focus in this student who has been on the programme. Not only have her class work and results improved but she has started to ask me for advice regarding university entrance and career path. This is a bright young person who is planning her future."​

Student - Eline

"I really enjoyed the workshop. It was helpful and u took an interesting approach. I prefer it to the lessons on a similar topic at school any day!I had a really great time!"

Student - Felix - Age 17

I did the program for one year. I started it because I didn’t know what exactly it was I wanted to study. I knew I wanted to do something with people and it had to connect to psychology but because I had so many choices I needed some help.

The program provided me with all the information I needed and loads of extra things that were useful so I was sure to make the correct decision. It also looked at the things that could go wrong and how to overcome these problems and obstacles that could show up. Since I am a person who want to be 100% sure of what the consequences will be of my choice it helped me to learn that you can never be 100% sure and that making mistakes and having to get over obstacles should never be a problem.

We had 3 group sessions were we, a group of several young people, talked and learned about the facts what it is to go to university and how to overcome the sometimes difficult question of what to study.

We also had one to one meetings in which our personal problems and obstacles were discussed and were we could ask specific questions about what we wanted to know about universities, our specific choice of study etc.

Overall this program really was a big help because of everything it had to offer from information to support and also the great help I received.


"My troubled teenager definitely took a look at himself... and found his old self again. The biggest thing was, not being afraid of who he is and not trying to be someone else. He still has a long way to go, but has generally improved all round. His growing self confidence means that he is taking greater responsibility for himself and others."

Student - Adrien - Age 17

"The programme had many helpful aspects. During the first year, we focused on getting ourselves to know better, by identifying ourstrengths and weaknesses and picturing our future life or things we could do after school.

This had shown me in which fields I had to improve in order to achieve what I wanted. I acctually studied more than before (wasn't too hard to do so) and showed more interest in the subjects I liked.

The second year focused on applying to universities. As I was one year ahead than most other participants, I had to write my Personal Staement duringthe module. We learned many tips and tricks which would improve our CV and/or personal statement and eventually I managed to write a nice paper.

I got into the university I wanted and am currently studying exactly what I wanted. The mentor meetings were in depth discussions over the group meetings and our personal progress. They helped me organise my life and plan ahead. I would recommend the programme to anyone, with or without plans for the future because you learn something abou yourself anyways, whihc helps you decide whether you are on the right track or not.

Apart from being helpful in planning your life, it is also very nice to be able to discuss problems with the mentors (not necessarily personal issues, but more like school issues or worries about the future etc.)"


"My son was initially reluctant to attend the programme, but after the first workshop, he was really keen and seemed to quite enjoy the meetings. He has grown in confidence and independence. Just one year ago, we did not think he was even ready for university, but now it seems the most natural thing to do. He is more prepared to try out new things and his mental attitude about school and life has changed, taking greater control of his studies and achieving more. We are really pleased !"

Student - Anthony - Age 17

" I really liked the way the programme helped us break down the steps needed to answer the bigger question of "what is it that we really want to do?"


"In the past few months, our son has grown up and matured. He is definitely more assertive with his ideas. He already had a goal before he started on this journey, by the programme has helped him focus on achieving that much more."

Student - Jaynil - Age 17

"The programme is very valuable for any student who doesn't know which direction to go. It helped me put all my thoughts, ideas and plans in one straight path.​Definitely recommended :-)"

Student - Anthony - Age 17

"I would like to say that the programme has helped me immensely.​The workshops are a lot of fun and very informative. In the one to one meetings you have really helped me understand myself and also taught me how to do research on the career directions I might want to go in to".

Parent - 2013

" Using Compassion and Empathy, you developed a clear understanding of us and our son. Then, by listening, you gently guided (without pushing) him to believe in himself and to put in the hard work when things don't come easy "​

Student - Monika - Age 16

"Its very simple. When you are a teenager, you can already decide a lot for yourself. The difficult part is to see all the options, what are out there. You can't make yourself search up all the information you need just like that, you need someone to help you do it, at least in the beginning. Then once you get a feel of it, you can go on yourself, but that first step is very important. Thank you for giving me the start. Its as we say in Lithuania: Good start, half the job done!"

Student - Emma - Age 18

"For me, it has been very helpful, I discovered things about myself that I didn't know and felt comforted in knowing what I can really achieve. I am a work in progress and it is extremely comforting to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't know what to do when it comes to leaving school. The programme tackles these obstacles on a one to one basis and in group sessions, which I think is a good balance."

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