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Its really great to hear the stories of people behind the jobs. Thanks to our friends at, there are hundreds of careers videos for you to watch, so sit back & enjoy !

Getting a first in his Energy Management in Business degree was a huge turning point in Matt's life. Frustrated at school by his learning disability Matt left to work in marketing and PR and quickly set up his own business. He travelled and worked in New Zealand and then, building on the success of his degree, Matt joined the Eden Project as Energy Manager, a role he loves.

On Becoming an Energy Manager
by Matt Hastings 

Cara Owens is currently doing the graduate entry level programme in medicine at King's College London. "A lot of medics will do their medical degree first and then do a PHD later, which is probably the normal way of doing it but... I never really knew what I wanted to do... it wasn't until I got into research that I realised that I would like to move into medicines".

On Becoming a Medic 
by Cara Owens 
On Becoming a GAMES TESTER
by Sally Reynolds

Sally Reynolds is a QA tester for Jagex, "I test the games to ensure that they are ready for release and also post release, if any issues have come up, I track them down and help the developer to sort them out. I love my job, I get to be a big kid!". She left school at 17 but went back and got A levels and a degree, "people who didn't think very much of me because of the lack of qualifications... I can absolutely prove them wrong now".

Barabara Rumble is a Civil Engineer with the Environment Agency. She says "I am looking at the flood risk management... I suppose one of the incidents which really had an impact on me was big flooding in '97 in Poland". She would like to build bridges because "they connect land and people".

On Becoming a Civil Engineer
by Barabara Rumble 
On Becoming a Mechanical Engineer   
by Tom Hamer

Tom passed all his GCSEs and then decided to take a foundation course. He soon realised that it wasn't for him, prefering to look for something that was more hands on. Influenced by his father, he applied for a Junior Technician role at University College London. He has developed his skills and knowledge on the job and is now the Technician Manager at the university.

On Becoming an Environmental Scientist   
by Joanne Frost 

Keen scientist, Joanne Frost, was disappointed when Genetic Engineering at Leeds was oversubscribed. Studying Chemical Process Technology, and a further environmental degree (involving a one year work placement with E.ON), has led to a successful and fulfilling career with great prospects. Inspired by family, Joanne is relishing her current role at E.ON as an Environmental Specialist..​

On Becoming a Microbiologist
by Leanne Patrick

Leanne always knew she wanted to work in Science, but wasn't sure exactly what she wanted to do. After a degree in Biochemistry and Forensic Science, she found it difficult to get a job straight away while she narrowed down her options. She then got her current position as a Microbiologist, following in her mum's footsteps. She now hopes to go back to university to study a Masters in a relevant field.

'The title of Chartered Psychologist is legally recognised under Royal Charter.  

It is the benchmark of professional recognition and reflects the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise'

Professional Recognition & Accreditations
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