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Cognitive Behavioural Coaching 







Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) is a highly versatile approach that can focus on any aspect of your life: School, Work or life in general, and can promote personal growth which leads to confidence & performance.


CBC does not promise ‘quick fixes’ or  'magic away'  your personal difficulties;  but with our support and expertise and your  effort and commitment:  you can achieve successful outcomes to your life’s challenges.


CBC aims to give you an understanding of whatever is at the root of your difficulty. In that process, together with your Psychologist, you will explore and identify what might be blocking you from reaching your full potential and pinpoint what action needs to be taken to help you take charge of your situation.


Common challenges such as stress, lack of confidence, perfectionism, loss of meaning and purpose, poor communication skills or being less successful at work (or school), can affect the way we see ourselves; this in turn will affects the way we behave each day.  


CBC can help you develop ways of thinking and behaving that are more productive and more likely to help you reach your desired goals in life. It will help you move closer towards becoming the kind of person you want to be. CBC can help you develop the skills for success.




 'the way we think about events deeply affects the way we feel about them'  (Neenan & Dryden, 2002)

'The title of Chartered Psychologist is legally recognised under Royal Charter.  

It is the benchmark of professional recognition and reflects the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise'

Professional Recognition & Accreditations
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