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Whether you are a teenager choosing your first career path, or an adult getting your career back on track, the Career Launchpad™  is for You!
We help you break down the steps needed to answer the bigger question of
"what is it that I really want to do?"


Our personalised programmes, aimed at adolescents and adults, are built upon 25 years of Talent Development experience in leading global companies across many sectors. Using individual and group meetings, we equip you with vital knowledge & skills needed to integrate what inspires and interests you with your natural strengths and talents. By plotting your own map that explores life and career possibilities, you can build an authentic, inspiring and successful future.


So if you are still at school or you are an adult at a cross road in life: its time to contact us for a risk free meeting and begin that exciting journey to discover what truly inspires you and plan for success !

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'The title of Chartered Psychologist is legally recognised under Royal Charter.  

It is the benchmark of professional recognition and reflects the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise'

Professional Recognition & Accreditations
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